Product tests

Textile Testing & Innovation, LLC. provides testing services especially related to products equipped with phase change material (PCM) and shape memory material (SMM). In order to test and evaluate the thermal performance and the moisture management of products equipped with PCM and SMM, specialized testing procedures have been developed and already implemented in several thousand test runs. Our tests are both quick and highly reliable.

Kinds of testing we offer:

1.  Fabrics, polymer films, and textile composites with and without PCM/SMM.
     We measure and evaluate the following parameters:

  • Heat transfer
  • Heat absorption
  • Protection against conductive, convective and radiant heat
  • Thermal aging
  • Moisture transfer
  • Moisture absorption
  • Air permeability
  • Mechanical properties
  • Other material-specific properties
  • Other thermal characteristics of PCMs/SMMs.

2.  End-use products with and without PCMs/SMMs.
     We measure and evaluate the thermal performance and moisture management of:

  • Gloves, using a laboratory hand model
  • Shoes, using a laboratory foot model
  • Helmets, using a laboratory head model
  • Sleeping bags, blankets und mattresses, using a test torso
  • Children’s apparel and baby equipment, using a test dummy.

We also conduct wearing trials in a climatic chamber with human test subjects.

Additionally, the company possesses test equipment for the comprehensive testing of:

  • Car seats, headliners, and dashboards
  • Upholstery
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Building materials
  • Architectural membranes

Product development

Textile Testing & Innovation, LLC. assists customers, especially end-use product manufacturers, in their efforts to incorporate the PCM technology and SMM technology into their product lines.  In order to select appropriate PCMs, to determine their necessary quantities, and to customize the product design, we have created a sophisticated computer-aided calculation and simulation procedure.  The product development of PCM-equipped products is further supported by our tailor-made testing protocols and our data base containing the characteristics of about 100 different PCMs.